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Tire repair

Repair of tire punctures


 A consumer should never try to repair a damaged tire. Only a trained tire specialist who can base his assessment on a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the specific tire can determine whether an individual tire is suitable for repair or should be removed from service. This assessment should also take into account the complete service life history of the tire including inflation, load, operating conditions, etc.. If the tire specialist decides to repair the tire, then he should strictly follow all appropriate national tire industry repair standards regarding the inspection process and repair procedures. Continental is not responsible for the specialist’s decisions or the repaired tire.

Even a trained tire specialist may be unable to recognize internal structural damage to a Self Supporting Runflat (SSR) tire resulting from having been driven in an under inflated or zero pressure condition. Such damage may not be visible on the surface of the inner liner or sidewall making it impossible to determine the tire suitability for repair. Continental does not recommend any repair to Continental SSR tires. Note: Continental advises if a tire is returned under complaint and reason for the product’s disablement is in any way associated with a repair or the reason for repair the manufacturer’s warranty is invalidated.