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Wide tires

Wide tires

High performance in tough conditions. With wide winter tires from Continental.

Feels like summer – only colder.

It is a common misbelief that you shouldn’t use wide tires in winter. However, that is outdated. In fact, they offer a variety of benefits:

  • The wider the tire, the better the performance in all wintry conditions
  • More sipes that interlock with the ground, even on snow
  • Shorter braking distance due to larger tread blocks
  • Consistent and balanced drivability and better steering precision
  • Sportier driving comfort

In our high-performance-tyre segment, we have excellent solutions for wide tires for high-performance vehicles, medium- and luxury-class cars
and SUVs.

" If you want full performance and a sportier look even in winter, I recommended the wide winter tires from Continental. With them, everything is just like in summer, only a little bit colder when you go out. "

AC Schnitzer